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File: 1355093427855.png -(19638 B, 614x765) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
19638 No.1854  
>> No.1856  
File: 1355117663692.png -(103720 B, 398x274) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Two things I would like to say you, TW.
The first one: you style is simple almost childish but by some strange occasion is still very pretty. It's like kawaii chibi japan animation characters.
The second is: you have a hard and good hand. Indeed it's possible you have used some vector-based drawing tool but I think you are not. Actually I'm not so good in drawing of lines and curves as you. It is possible you should try yourself in more realistic manner and more complex tool then Paint NET (or watever you had used).
With best wishes /me.

>> No.1857  

>>1856 Is Paint Tool SAI not a good thing then? cause that's what i've been using. and when you say vector-based....?

>> No.1858  

SAI is perfect enough and it has vector layers I know, but then how you are getting such ladder-like line edges?

>> No.1860  

>>1857 yep, 1858-kun is right, SAI is good enough program. And its vector layer much more better than it in photoshop. Here is random tutorial from youtube:

>> No.1861  

>>1858 oh, is it the edges that are a little off?

>> No.1862  
File: 1355199958560.png -(11345 B, 840x417) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I mean the thing is shown on the pic. Most of vector based tools gives smoothed lines in other hand simple draw programs like paint from windows gives ladder shaped lines. BTW I have smoothed the right side of picture with re-sizing.

>> No.1864  

>>1862 oh, i see. i just save it like that cause it makes me easier to edit them over and change the colors. i understand the comparison, but i always thought the quality from that wasn't good (which is why i never save my pics as JPEGs). sorry if that's the downfall to my art.

>> No.1865  

No-no-no. I just wonder how you achieve this effect with vectors.

>> No.1866  

>>1865 just a simple use of the Binary/Pencil tool on SAI. basically, I do it all in separate layers.

>> No.1867  

Aaaah! I see. Thanks!

>> No.1868  

>>1867 so, just so i understand, is the pic okay? i wasn't if you actually like it or not.

>> No.1869  

It is definitely good and adorable pic.

>> No.1870  
File: 1355260987176.png -(15175 B, 589x127) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>1868 easiest way to understand whether you have made a grave mistake in drawing or not this flip image. sai is has special button to flip drawing

>> No.1872  

>>1870 you mean, to view it mirrored?

>> No.1873  

>>1872 yep

>> No.1874  

>>1868 btw, all of your pictures have the same features, it's hard to say this is a bug or style. Of course, if you look at the classic proportions of the body in your pictures they are violated even with the Disney cartoon styling. in some pictures those disproportions looks cute, in some they are look like a bug

>> No.1883  
File: 1355454942494.gif -(1391 B, 60x16) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I say. The issue of the many your pics is: leg never can be thiner arm. Please just remember this when will draw next art.

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